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Temple of the sacred feminine

Mysteries and Matters of the Heart & Soul

Credit ~ Shiela Foster (Temple of the sacred feminine)

Divine Arrangement offers us the perfect experiences, initiations, healings, and teachings to reveal and awaken us to the boundless love and beauty of the Mystery that we are and Life is.

The pathless path of direct experience through the Great Heart provides all that is needed to meet what is, heal, and awaken in the midst of life’s impermanence, imperfection, and incompletion. This path also spirals down to the bottomless, black depths of shadow into which we descend with trauma, broken hearts, and fear, on a mission to retrieve shards and fragments of beautiful soul and life force for integration and expression.

Sometimes we are opened to this pathless path with a bittersweet arrow of longing that pierces our hearts with a burning desire —often for something we can barely name or do not know.

Through deep presence to the journeys of others, as well my own initiations through longing, losses, and heartbreak, I have found that Grace and the medicine needed for healing are waiting for us when we turn toward the pain we don’t want to feel.

While life as we have known it is over, heartbreak becomes heart-opening and new life emerges and shimmers with unimagined jewels of consciousness, as well as an ever-deepening capacity to love ourselves and serve others.

The most astonishing thing is that this pathless path through our broken hearts and longing offers us a greater ability to meet what is, as it is, whatever it is — especially when it cannot be changed.

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