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Full Moon Shala

Intentional monthly gatherings to attune and connect with our feminine wisdom. Honour the ever-changing moon cycle as a mirror to the seasons of our lives.

“Because just remember in your life there will be three things; you can never get rid of them. The day you get rid of those three things you will have no trouble whatsoever. Param, karam, dharam. There are three things.

Param means doubt. Karam means action and reaction. Dharam means when you have absolutely no action or reaction; at that time universe will serve you and you’ll become a watcher . Because you need in your life 2 million things. You cannot go after 2 million things. You have to wait and let two million things come to you.”

-Yogi Bhajan-

Like Sun Salutations, this ancient four part devotional flow opens us up to the deeper wisdom the physical body holds, while balancing the emotional and mental bodies.

We will begin the class with a warm up set to open up the hips & pelvis & some centering pranayam followed by a practice of the Param Karam Dharam Kriya. As we begin the devotional chain, we will free our physical bodies to move with grace, bringing us to a deep sense of meditative calm.

Please bring your yoga mats, sheepskins, water bottle, towel & shawl for meditation/savasana.

Meditation pillow/cushion is also highly recommended for that extra boost when you are sitting for sometime.

Refreshments and yogi tea will be provided on the day.

To ensure everyone’s comfort during practise, confirmation of attendance would be greatly appreciated.

The Shala can only accommodate a maximum of 4 people per class.

Sat Nam & Blessings to all.

Bookings taken by email

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