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Through the eye of the wholehearted

Wholehearted folk have an inspiring way of seeing the world. Perhaps it is because they understand how to live with vulnerability, it is what they see and touch.

A treasure they behold! To believe they are worthy of deep love and connection. Living with a vulnerability that isn’t controlling or predicting.

What would happen if you began to move through the world as a ‘wholehearted’? What gems would you behold?

1 :: Courage

To tell the story of whom you are with a wholeheart; having and owning the courage to be imperfect.

2 :: Compassion

To be kind to the self above all and upon first account; thus allowing this treasure to be extended to others.

3 :: Connection

As a result of authenticity; not being whom you think you ought to be.

4 :: Vulnerability

Knowing that what makes you vulnerable is in-fact what makes you beautiful. Knowing that it is necessary to invest within things that may or may not work out.

An essential part of the wholeheartedness toolkit is infact vulnerability. Vulnerability is the core of shame, fear and worthiness; yet the birthplace for joy, creativity, belonging, love and tenderness.

We tend to numb our vulnerabilities, of grief, shame, fear and disappointment. Which leads us to debt, obesity, addiction, medication, sadness; it is a cycle. When we numb, we loose everything, our joy, our happiness and find ourselves on a constant roll looking for purpose and meaning. A constant contracted state.

It comes up all far too often; unhappiness, looking for purpose and meaning. Making clarity that even more harder to come by.

Ownership is tied to freedom. Owning our knowing ‘why and how we numb’ is an essential part to understanding. The measuring stick to unhappiness and contraction is that ‘everything thats uncertain becomes a certain’. We perfect, we blame, we don’t want conversations; every mystery becomes a certain. It is a way to discharge pain and discomfort. Mysteries aren’t allowed to be a mystery, we try to perfect imperfect with our tales.

One of the toughest parts of being a ‘wholehearted’ is that we are infact hardwired for struggle. Imperfect yet worthy for love and belonging.

Ceasing to pretend our actions don’t have an impact on others makes this clarity harder to come by. Owning authenticity and being real is to be a ‘wholehearted’.

To be in your light is to have a reciprocal relationship with vulnerability.

  • TO ALLOW OURSELVES TO BE SEEN; Deeply seen in vulnerability.
  • TO LOVE WITH WHOLEHEART; Even if there are no reciprocal return guarantees.
  • TO PRACTICE GRATITUDE/JOY IN THE MOMENTS OF TERROR; to cease catastrophising and remind that to be vulnerable is to be alive.
  • BELIEVE WE ARE ENOUGH; To stop screaming and to serenely start to listen.

To be here, is to be seen, is to belong.


Sat Nam

Gratitude to Brene Browne research for the consistent breaths of divine inspiration and data.




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