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What can a new moon teach us?

All of the Universe is a vibration of energy. We are either vibrating in harmony or disharmony, vibrating frequency through our thoughts, words, actions, emotions, and feelings. What we put out to the Universe we receive back.

Kundalini Yoga nurtures the recognition to resource the harmony and beauty within the messages gifted by the phases of nature to help us align into its vibration. Where the moons graceful female cycle forms as a life blood reminder of our own personal vibration of phases as a woman. 

For our female energy waxes and wanes, ebs and flows much as do the seasons, tides and cycles of life. We simply can not present the same each and every day. Crafting a tending and attention to our own individual ever changing emotional garden with a piety to the self. Having a special attendance to taking care and allowing a container of delicacy for the me.

This journey, our soul journey has selected the body we sit within now and with each moon phase it is a gentle reminder to step into and reflect to the great container that mother nature leaves us to to appreciate of its own cyclic rhythm. An opportunity to set the tune for the next 28 days ahead. One with intent, forgiveness, self observance and gratitude for the things you dearly hold and gift. Thus setting your vibration into the universe.

A Kundalini practice lifestyle teaches us to tune into this cyclic rhythm and mother nature’s holding vibration and lessons. To audit the mind mumble and to ditch the ‘slave to the mind’ day to day logic. To devote a space and time everyday to the silence of the altar of us; to show up, rise up, tune into your map of destiny and thus to elevate and keep your vibration so very high into the tune of grace.

Upon this new moon, I invite you to prepare a space to set your intent for the next 28 days ahead. To forge what it is that you wish your essence to be. To watch our dear moon through its phases of growth into decline. Let this be reflective of you. For each night she is there, set in the sky as a reminder to tune into the vibration of self.

  • In honour of you. 
  • To what you can give in that day.
  • To what you are and what you have.
  • Your natural grace, your delicacy, your essence. 
  • The dance, strength and miracle of you. 


Much as flowers have their own bloom and fragrance, so do we as beautiful women in this terrain we tread. We simply are not all the same, where ‘me and I’ are are one,  one lest not forget.

Breathe into your power; deeply invite the understanding of your essence and so just let it be. For this is your destiny. Not dreams, not desires but alas to merely walk with the essence and beat of your unique high vibration drum and all will be gifted back.  Let it weave its beautiful magical so tenderly over the forthcoming moon cycle 28 days; observing our great waxing moon as if it is your own energetic essence and vibration of rising.

So dear sisters, the new moon too can be a time of great healing. For a time of resonance to reset and rest the self. To heal old pangs, to tie them into the garbage with a deep blessing for the self to rise. To gather your finest gems, trinkets, gifts of self learning. To fall oh so deeply into your heart where that space of neutrality is one of safety and of a rested home. 

For that is what a kundalini yogini would call poise, the gifts and bliss of finding the internal self aligned with the universal sound current and prompts. With no judgement, with peace, harmony and balance. The sutras of yoga that so many quote.

Let this next lunar phase be the space of you, let it be your beautiful stronghold. Watch our dear moon, for she is your essence as she waxes and wanes and holds your hand. Schedule for the things you love, unstructured play and movement, embrace with discipline and find the company of high vibration. Look around and notice nature, practice looking for magical nature, by increasing your vision it allows for expansion. See from your heart, see from your third eye, study and look for better in your environments. Let this be your playground.

Sat Nam – Pritam Mandevi Kaur

One of the best ways to be in the flow of the Cosmos is through yoga, meditation, and chanting mantra—sacred sounds that attune you to the Universe.

REFLECTION: Are you in the creative flow of the Universe today? Do you feel that something isn’t moving in your life? Shift the frequency of your thoughts to be more aligned with the Universe. Bring in the higher frequency energy and then watch your path clear!


Workshops led

A womens only space for regular restorative self care

I have created a beautiful Kundalini Yoga nurturing space with a deep longing to gently allow women to come gracefully together in healthy connection and bond. Not only because we crave to be social with our feminine emotional connection but merely because we want to have the right to say what we think and do is right for ‘us as an individual’ as busy women trying to be active today; to show up feeling content and enough as we are now with some movement.

Within my practice I have a deep longing to build long lasting friendships basing self care ritual and kindness practice at its foundation. We are thinkers, seekers, creatives, homemakers, mothers, yoginis and the feminine to the masculine. Celebrating our efforts, our bravery, our showing up to seek the scent of activity and female comfort. Through ‘a fat lot of good’ it is my personal hope that you will find a restorative and replenishing space of nurture to lean upon for self reflection and a good safe home for practice on the self.

For more information seek out my page

Self Care Ritual and Yoga Therapist
All workshops are supported with Neals Yards Organic Health & Beauty Remedies


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