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Holistic Massage


Massage is a wonderful way to help release stress, and bring the receiver into a state of deep relaxation. Massage can lend its hand to a complementary palliative therapy.

A holistic massage includes grounding and relaxation techniques as part of the treatment, with a deep relaxation technique and environment. With calming, soothing and uplifting diffused essence and topical preblended wax.

Utilising a variety of movements to relieve pain, ease tense and tight muscles increase circulation and benefit the physical body in other ways. Applied to the superficial muscles, that is those muscles which are visible below the skin.

A sense of of general feeling of mental wellbeing will usually result, and this is the important effect of relaxation experience after a holistic body massage.

The benefit of body massage is cumulative, regular massage will prolong the feeling of wellbeing for ever increasing periods after each treatment.

The method is to ensure that the massage physically encompasses the whole body and with that the consideration of the whole person in mind, body and spirit.

As well as releasing tight muscles during the treatment, massage can act as a form of re-education, helping you to become aware of the fact that we are tensing certain muscles uneccesarily, and to feel the difference between a tight, or contracted muscle and a relaxed one.

Very often we do not recognise the fact that we are tightening certain groups of muscles until we experience those muscles in a relaxed state during and after a massage. Although it is a perfectly normal reaction to tense muscles when we feel mentally tense, it is important to be able to let go of this physical tension before the tight muscles themselves convey a sense of discomfort and unease to the mind, thus setting a vicious circle of tension. This is one of the ways in which mental stress can lead to real physical symptoms, but massage can read this chain of events.

Holistic Massage (Use of wax)
Back, neck and shoulders45 minutes
Full body massage60 minutes

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