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Therapeutic Aromatherapy


The art – and science – of using plant oils in treatment.

Aromatherapy is a truly holistic therapy, taking into account the mind, body and spirit of the person seeking help.

Aromatherapy as a complementary therapy has its roots in the most ancient healing practices of humankind, for the plants from which essential oils have been derived have been used for thousands of years in healing processes before the technique of distilling oils was discovered.

It is in recent years that we are only now re-discovering the lost heritage of knowledge to the natural holistic therapy benefit plant based topical product can have.

As a trained Aromatherapist I will look far beyond the application of essential oils for aroma, and will seek to help the whole person in maintaining a balance of mental, physical and spiritual health. Essential oils lend themselves readily to a sensitive and subtle approach, for each has many physical properties blended and tailored to treat a specific symptom after the consultation process.

Essential oils are often balancing in their effects, helping the body to return from an imbalanced state which ends to illness, to the ideal balance representing health and wellbeing.

As an aromatherapist I embrace the oriental idea of Yin and Yang and self practice of Reiki along with sports massage technique. Where all the energies of the body and mind are sought to be in a state of balance, seeking a state of help and maintenance.


There are many qualities to the use of essential oils

:: A Massage with essential oils is the most beneficial primary method of treatment, combining the effects of the oils themselves with the important element of contact between the aromatherapist and the person seeking help to treat a specific symptom or outcome.

:: By prescriptive product preparation; essential oils are readily absorbed through the skin in preparations or compresses.

Essential oils are readily absorbed through the skin, and whenever used in massage or prescriptive preparation the aroma alone can have a subtle but real effect on the mind, and via the mind, on the body. Inhaling the oils also has a direct effect on the body, as some part of the oil will be absorbed via the lungs and will enter the blood stream in that way.

Examples of prescriptive therapeutic treatments::


A very high proportion of individuals whom turn to aromatherapy for help are suffering from symptoms caused by stress. Massage is a wonderful way to help stress, and bring the receiver into a state of deep relaxation. Each of my sessions include instructional simple relaxation technique and grounding as a regular part of the an aromatherapy treatment.


All essential oils, to a certain extent promote the growth of healthy new cells, and it is at the cellular level that aromatherapy looks to complement.

Women’s Health

Essential oils can also be used to balance hormone levels and can be very helpful for women at and after the menopause.


The circulator system can itself be affected by some oils, stimulating circulation locally to the area to which they are applied, aiding to healing processes.

The feet

Footbaths and massage of the feet can be very important in terms of balancing and the energy flow; literally ‘grounding’ for someone who is living too much in the head.


The methods and principles of Aromatherapy can be embraced into other complimentary therapies which I invite into each session relevant to individual. Aromatherapy will help to stimulate the bodies own healing processes and it is one which I invite you to try.

Massage with essential oils is by far the most important application of aromatherapy as it provides the best effective way to introduce essential oils to the body, allied to the therapeutic power of touch for mental wellbeing. All of my therapy sessions treat every individual as unique taking into consideration the whole person in body, mind and spirit.

It is recommended to have a full body massage, to sufficiently receive as much essential oil into the body to have a therapeutic effect where the skin absorbs the oil into the receiving bloodstream.




Full body massage

60 minutes

Full body massage

90 minutes

Aromatherapy Footsoak, mask & foot massage

60 mins

*Prescriptive topical product is recommended post treatment, price varies per treatment. 

*Do not embark upon self treatment with essential oils, properly used they are very safe indeed to enjoy the many health benefits. Yet some oils present hazards to a toxic level in the body and some of which can be poisonous.