A fat lot of good





I am independent sports coach, tutor, kundalini yogini practitioner, health and wellbeing blogger and within this soft space I take help to the next level. Nurturing circles of women to look inward for their strength instead of outwards when it comes to fitness and health coaching. Resourcing to delicious eastern philosophies, practices and teachings.

I have a deep understanding of how it feels and sounds when the word fitness is associated with activity, slender, buxom attractive female bodies. That is just not me. Being the other side and a somewhat different heart centred activity enthusiast, warmly nurturing, practical and realistic.

I have created a beautifully nurturing space with a deep longing to gently allow women to come gracefully together in healthy connection and bond. Not only because we crave to be social with our feminine emotional connection but merely because we want to have the right to say what we think and do is right for ‘us as an individual’ as busy women trying to be active today; to show up feeling content and enough as we are now with some movement.

A fat lot of good has a deep longing to build long lasting friendships basing self care ritual and kindness practice at its foundation. We are thinkers, seekers, creatives, homemakers, mothers, yoginis and the feminine to the masculine. Celebrating our efforts, our bravery, our showing up to seek the scent of activity and female comfort. Through ‘a fat lot of good’ it is my personal hope that you will find a restorative and replenishing space of nurture to lean upon for self reflection and a good safe home for practice on the self.

We put breath into looking to the power of bringing women together, forgetting stereotypes of the gym and fitness tradition altogether. Turning busy beautiful women into rooted strong human beings with wellbeing and kindness care at the forefront. And here it is a community that I hope you return to time and time again for a rich source of inspiration, love, connection, movement and health.

Georgina Land, Founder, A Fat Lot of Good Girls


Be inspired for a happy 2018

2018 sees the launch a ‘Womens Wellness’ programmes in safe nurtured beautiful spaces. The programmes weave gentle self care therapy advisory, self affirmation and wellbeing mentorship with gentle experience-based lessons. Improving self-awareness, building a collection of positive experiences, and inspire mid life-changing confidence through accomplishment.

Meeting in many warming, relaxing comfortable surroundings, not pressured by peers or buying into anyone elses ideas of fitness, nutrition or activity, just making decisions for yourself in the now.

I strive with full heart to move a female to change the way their outer world is to change their inner world. I call it Self Kindness. By listening inward, these things really can go away, identifying own values. Understanding that a females value is not in the way her body looks or how she dresses, but in the character and personality she nurtures, values and shares. This is the path of health and wellbeing in the company of others.