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Anger | The heart is a furnace

“When the inverted anger becomes part of the body, the simple effect is that you have absolutely no relationship with your Self… Inferiority complex or superiority complex are a cover-up of inner anger. Manipulation and lying are parts of inner anger. Not being self-sustaining or having a foundation to work it out is an inner anger. Misbehavior, wrong calculation, self-destruction, destroying the business, destroying the relationship are all inner anger… On the other hand, anger comes from the place of the Agaan Granthi. It is the area of the heart, it is the blood, it is the circulation, it is the diaphragm, it is the heart pumping. The whole life depends on it. So in the center of the heart is a furnace. Either it can cook for you or it can burn down your house and there is nothing in between. That is the tragedy of it.” -Yogi Bhajan

The Primal Instinct of Intuition

Working with the sixth chakra Ajna Where Ida & Pingala meet Shushuma, where shiva and shakti conjoin. The union of opposites, intuition and wisdom. chakra ::ˈtʃʌkrə/ :: noun (in Indian thought) each of seven centres of spiritual power in the human body. When we go beyond the fifth Chakra to the sixth, seventh and eight, we are beyond the gross element. We’ve gone through all the transformations of our ordinary experience that are coded by earth, water, fire, air and ether. So there are no specific gross elements associated with this chakra. The sixth chakra allows mastery over the flow of the mind. Its often represented by light, but in this case it is the inner light. This is also the chakra we can use to master the duality of the mind. With the symbol of two petals representing the plus and minus contained in every thought. Anytime the intellect gives you a ‘yes’ it automatically implies a ‘no’. Anytime it gives you light, it also implies a darkness. To master the sixth chakra is to …

Shakti Power

Call to the Divine Mother, because the Mother is nearer than the Father ~ Paramahansa yogananda In the East, the great feminine has always been held in high esteem, not as a secondary source of power but as the primal power; the shakti that flows through our body and all of nature. In numerous texts on yoga, meditation and Eastern mysticism, we find references to different types of shakti Power – The great feminine energy that exists both within and without our bodies. As a force in the universe, shakti powers everything, from the planets in their orbit to the radiant power of the sun. Wether referring to the power behind gravity or the power of behind the speed of light, shakti its the term used to describe the operating power of the cosmos, from the smallest atom to the grandest galaxy. Any kind of force, power or influence has its genesis in shakti, and shakti is feminine in nature. In us, shakti is described in innumerable mystical texts as a serpent like power cell …