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Radiant Woman

Person Centred care with Commencing Spring 2018 The Radiant Woman is a year-long program by Georgina Land. It runs from Spring 2018 through December 2019, and is now open for enrolment.  The world starts with woman. A Year of Radiant Woman gathers the experience of the every-day woman and puts it into a transformative workshop flowing a curve to root you into your fearless female radiance and rhythm. The 2018 workshop nourishes, uplifts and inspires women through the year to sustain living with grace and confidence. Self care intention and therapy is everything. Practice, devotion, discipline and creativity acting as cornerstones to securing feminine radiance and confidence within each monthly workshop will be learnt. Filled with heartfelt inspiring resources, worksheets and practices. This is an 8 month workshop, with self-guided elements. You will receive a supportive community with content to work through each month with intention. This workshop will gently guide, encourage, and uplift you. It will give you everything you need to begin and maintain a simple self care and self centred practice within …

Rooting Into Feminine

Person Centred care with Commencing Spring 2018 The innate feminine essence of woman is an incredibly beautiful and powerful force, it is important that every woman is able to discover and awaken it within and master the authentic art of being a woman. With this six week workshop series you will be able to clarify your intentions and develop supportive systems to feed those intentions. This nurture workshop is intended to support a womans journey to Rooting In. In a small and intimate class where women connect weekly in an abundantly nurturing space focused to creative self care practice. To gently guide, uplift and nurture through information which complements a day to day outlook and encouragement to bringing care and attention to a life centred around self care ritual. In rooting into the feminine whole woman, you will invest in sound theory and gentle self care practices to reconnect a love for your body with you. This will be a workshop journey into wellness, holistic fitness and therapy. Knowledge to feminine self care, healing and …

I am Nourished

EVENT   Release JANUARY 2018 – PLS REGISTER YOUR INTEREST What are you hungry for?  Join Georgina for a morning of serious womens soul food. This two hour workshop includes an opening and closing circle, a deep fitness session, along with restorative practice, meditation and self-reflection to close. In short, it’s a feast to feed your mind, body and heart.  Harnesses the power of healthy fitness food and human connection to create health and wellness all.   Let this nourishing practice fill you to the brim. Feel good, do good!