Well it doesn’t have to be just about activity, wellness or kindness, it could be anything that you think could make us here better or the world better for that matter. To be honest, we would love to hear your thoughts on a balanced healthy awesome life. Before you send us anything, have a quick look at our Q&A below, you might find a lovely answer already there waiting for you.


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– Q&A –

Do I have to exercise – A FAT LOT OF GOOD run an extensive programme of wellbeing workshops. All the exercise sessions are set at levels expectant of any level of beginner to advanced and hell no you don’t have to complete it all. All we ask is that you enjoy yourself feel some social and emotional benefit from this space and it matches your own goals. This space is not just about exercise we are fully about self kindness, love and finding the inner you.

How Old do I have to be? Hell age is a number, we don’t worry about that thing here.

I have a medical condition or am on medications? – Georgina is qualified to asses your condition, professionally collaborating with any medical profession taking duty of care with individuals incredibly responsibly. Please don’t shy away,  lets get chatting, this is your space to grow wings.

I haven’t exercised before I am not sure this is right for me – Georgina works with all aspects of wellbeing, care and goal setting for all remits of life. From beginner to long timer, just come spend time here and remove your inner fear and start chatting.

I exercise lots is this programme correct for me? YES YES YES – we get structure, we get commitment, we get goal setting. We get serious, we can tier our programmes to suit all and our trainers have worked and regularly train in environments that embrace this enthusiasm for exercise.

I am shy, will you help me? Yes yes yes, if you have read our opening promise, we want to create awesome confident blooming marvellous women. We get groups can be intimidating and we get the art of continued contact with our client base. We are not a conveyor belt and with full heart and passion really believe every person is an individual with heir own needs and voice. This is what we listen to here with realism.

My life is so busy, I cant commit to anything – This is THE MOST common comment we hear, just come spend half an hour introduction with our specialist trainer and coach and together we can work through your wellbeing plan and get you some mojo to crack on at what is right and appropriate for you.

I don’t think I can make regular sessions – This is fine fine fine, we set no pressures, we applaud any effort, we embrace all into our community.


You or your business can become an A FAT LOT OF GOOD partner! Whether it’s through a monetary sponsorship, or a business partnership, A FAT LOT OF GOOD wants you to join with us to impact females lives. Contact A Fat Lot of Good for more details! Right now, A FAT LOT OF GOOD is partnering with The Holistic Directory to provide blogging mentorship in female wellbeing and health, interested in someday working with us? Please get in touch.


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