Georgina Land


Over two decades of learning and teaching has led me to design a “total package lifestyle” around womens health with soul and spirit. 

“The concept of Womens wellbeing is a driving force in my life. In this space these are the practices I’ve designed and grown into BLISSIPLINE GURU; a resource and arm to complement women to resource tools to step into their wholeness.”

As founder of Blissipline Guru I remain driven by self care and complementary health into my midlife of forty plus as much as I was in my youth. I divide my time between motherhood in the English country side and promoting self care as the foundation of wellbeing and health. Thriving in nourishing environments of holistic health, balance, reflection and positivity. I am a mother of three, a voracious reader, obsessive self care writer, a student complementary therapist, fitness therapist and established sports lecturer. I am also a devoted mother where my family time centres upon the nourishment of a calm and an active life; regularly practicing yoga, outdoor pursuits and self care practice.


I have been practised fitness for over 20 years and teaching for nearing 15 as a certified fitness coach, training with YMCA Fit, Premier Training, The Open University and within many quality educational environments. I have worked extensively in Sussex on a one-to-one basis as a Wellbeing and fitness therapist and coach, tailoring bespoke practices for women and those facing health issues. I have attended a BSc Sports and Fitness Coach Bachelor programme enabling me to enhance my connection and practice for a health centric life balance in women’s healthcare. I continued this with some veracity into 2017 as a Fitness master coach Tutor/Assessor with a leading UK education provider alongside being a competitive masters figure athlete. Into 2018 I eased into the education of a Kundalini Yoga practitioner; enhancing a mind body centric practice and opening maidenhead adventures to the fresh branding of Blissipline Guru.

Into 2019 I expanded to working on the ground, with women whom are bringing themselves back into connection with their bodies, hearts and a wider presence for the self. I have proudly nurtured this into a nourishing home with the delivery of aromatherapy and holistic massage treatment as a student therapist, blended with non injury sports massage care. Using the beautiful art and science of plant oils by treatment, a truly complementary therapy, taking into account the mind, body and spirit of any person seeking help.

Georgina Land, Founder, Blissiplineguru