Georgina Land

georginalandAs founder and creative director of A Fat Lot Of Good Girls Georgina remains driven by self care and fitness as much as she was in her youth. Georgina divides her time between motherhood in the english seaside city of Brighton and Hove and promoting self care as the foundation of wellbeing and health. Thriving in nourishing environments of holistic health, balance, reflection and positivity. A mother of three, a voracious reader, obsessive self care writer and passionate fitness trainer. She’s also a devoted mum where her family time centres a nourishment of calm and an active life; regularly practicing yoga, outdoor pursuits and self care practice.

Georgina has been practising fitness for over 20 years and teaching for over ten as a certified personal trainer, training with YMCA Fit, Premier Training, The Open University and currently with Yoga Alliance into 2017. She works extensively in Sussex on a one-to-one basis as a Wellbeing and fitness therapist and coach, tailoring practices for women and those facing health issues, trained in pre and postnatal education and diabetic clients. Georgina has been attending a BSc Sports and Fitness Coach Bachelor programme for the last four years to enhance her connection and practice for a health centric life balance in women’s healthcare. She continues this into 2017 as a Fitness Industry Tutor/Assessor with a leading fitness provider.

Georgina has been building education ventures since 2016 where she collaborates with a team who thrive to build wellbeing communities on a quest to live meaningfully and light. By offering a growing catalogue of events, trainings and courses as fitness, health and nutrition experts.

“Building conscious individuals is my passion, and I have been doing that in my fitness career for more than 20 years, making the very best and questioning the why and truths to wellness and vitality. Together we laugh, we cry, we entertain, challenge and inspire.”

Georgina Land, Founder, A Fat Lot of Good Girls

Georgina writes


I made this website for you, and all of our fellow Healthy, love seekers I hope it lights your mind, body and soul on fire. Remember: there is no competition for your own best path. There is only you, getting in or out of the way of your greatness.
This is my world, and in it, you’ll find methods of movement, nurture, resources, inspirations and so much more that you can use, today, to remove roadblocks and suffering, and deliver an oasis for the mind to empower you into movement and future. 

Tell us about yourself

I personally need support and camaraderie. I have worked in the sport and fitness community for many years and this work and environment matches my passion for philanthropy and giving back to females. I’ve collaborated with watersports organizations and watersports brands for several years and worked on Team Training and management programmes in 2015. I love being in the health and wellbeing industry and seeing sports impact the lives of everyday people, not just people who’ve run marathons, changed themselves or shifted weight. The nature of my job is to support, connect and help women find themselves and their platform. I am more of a casual enthusiastic and trier of all sports and cant quite squeeze it to an expert level!

What keeps you working in the fitness world and outdoors?

I didn’t have a personal connection to holistic fitness or wellbeing, after 15 years, I do. It strikes a huge chord how intent health and spirtiual focus, fitness and community have each beautifully changed my families life and wellbeing over the last few years. It has happened and I know that I’m working toward to gift this as solution to others and have the ability to help. It feels good to know I make a difference when people say a hearty thank you.

How has your mission changed or remained the same since you started working with women only?

In 15 years, a lot has happened in terms of my personal life. I’ve met many awesome women who really have helped me drive the vision forward and to see the fruits of my labour flourish. With passion I believe in a coach not an instructor, it is the heartbeat and direction for the manifesto of A FAT LOT OF GOOD girls. I have dedicated my soul to finding peace with the inner me, this has led me to yoga practice, mindfulness and education of which has been the life spirit of my balance as a mother and midlife.

Why Women?

A fat lot of good ‘Girls’ is part of the gentle movement that helps engage and ease more women into sport and a healthy lifestyle. I want to find the best and brightest confidence in women in the UK and am able to do that. Everyone wants their wellbeing put to good and maximal use.

What would you say to women wanting to get involved?

“Just do it.” It’s easy for me to say. This program provides the support and camaraderie that women thrive from being associated and bonding with other females. All of that reinforcement and reassurance of being a part of a community is built in allowing individuals to achieve their centred self. What is great is that you’re never alone. You join as an individual, but people who’ve never been part of an activity vibe in their lives finally get that feeling of female connection and bonding. It’s about more than just you, though. Everyone in this kind of group knows that they’ve done something good for other people and look forward to connecting.

What’s inspiring to you about this adventure?

The people. Everybody is busy today. We’ve got commitments. I’m inspired that so many people each year look for a healthy way to help and say, “I want to make a difference, do something good for someone else or for someone in my family.” Their commitment inspires me.

What’s inspiring to you working with women?

Community, its the safety net for women. We work to ensure that we have a community, connection and no one ever feels alone or vulnerable.