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Atmosphere | The oils of beautiful aroma

To create a light euphoric atmosphere sprinkle Clary sage around a room, or put a few drops into a bowl of warm water. Having lived and worked with essential oils for several years I tend to take them for granted, yet visitors always comment on the beautiful aromas and I could not imagine life without this essence. I would rather live with the scent of freshly picked flowers and herbs than with the array of household pollutants we buy to freshen our spaces. Essential oils should be chosen according to the ‘mood’ of the party or the occasion. Bergamont, orange and rosewood for summers evenings Frankincense, pine and orange for Christmas Ylang Ylang and rose for romance Orange and Lemon for energy and vibrance Geranium and Lavender for relaxation and decadence Rose or rosewood for feminine spaces The choice and permutations are only subject to personal preference and budget – experiment!

Neroli | The oil of serenity

This oil can be used in the treatment of grief, shock or trauma, yet life can provide many stresses that aren’t necessarily as large yet mini traumas can be created as we have concerns or minor upsets. Sometimes these stresses remain underneath the surface only to rear their head once we lay down and close our eyes in sleep. Neroli has the most divine and uplifting scent, turning pessimism and agitation to serenity, this is a great oil to scent the bedroom and preparing a calming atmosphere. Put a few drops of Neroli and sweet orange oil, which is an equally soothing oil and from the same plant family (Neroli from the blossom of the orange tree, sweet orange extracted from the find of the fruit) into an oil burner or diffuser half an hour before bed.

Lavender | The oil of tension relief

Lavender can assist in letting go of pent up tension, it has a beneficial influence upon the respiratory tract, aiding deep breathing. It has a supreme sedative effect making it a nervous system relaxant, whilst its soothing qualities make an excellent choice for calming the mind and body before sleep. It is however often misused. The key is to ensure you keep the amount used to a small minimum, this method is called subtle aromatherapy and it can have a greater effect upon the mind and emotions. Lavender can actually be quite stimulating when used in greater amounts and especially before sleep when our senses don’t need over stimulating. therefore splashing drops on a pillow is not as well served as a drop onto a handkerchief placed underneath the pillow.

8/4 Segmented Breathing Meditation

With segmented breathing we divide the inhalation and exhalation into several equal parts, with a slight suspension of the breath separating each part, and with a distinct beginning and end onto each segment. This stimulates the central brain and the glandular system in different ways. instead of inhaling in one smooth motion, we break the breath up into segmented sniffs. Try not to collapse or squeeze the nostrils in on the sniff, or pull the breath too deeply into the lungs. the goal is for the breath to strike a relaxed, yet focused area in the nasal passage to stimulate a particular set of nerves. Keep the nostrils relaxed and direct the attention to the feel of the breath further along the air passages and to the motion of the diaphragm. 4 Parts in : 8 Parts Out – calming, centring  Meditation Instructions POSTURE Sitting on the floor or chair. Spine straight. EYES Eyes closed and focus on the 3rd eye (between the eyebrows and up one inch, this activates intuition). MUDRA Hands in Gyan Mudra …

The rhythm of feminine

Dear you, Listen, cherish the warmth and depth of the knowledge and understanding of grace and poise. Feeling its open page of power, beauty of instinct, vibration and flow. Each step learning the beauty of what it is to be a woman to tenderly join and speak the language of body, mind and skin. It starts with love, within your house. Grace is lightening, an energy that flows so deep, not to leave by the wayside. Not to fight or vaporise; built to last right to the deep depths of the night. A calling to treasure the utterly breathtaking depth and scope of beauty as a woman we hold. Carrying the tenderness, appreciation and poise to represent our being so delicately with wonderful self love; not being afraid to keep it together. The feminine has the most amazing capacity to open to, and give love. Use it. It is a gift to everybody. Staying awake with you, not a ‘just be’. Robust emotional vocabulary, bridging the gap of consistent positive word choice and talk. A beauty and …