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Through the eye of the wholehearted

Wholehearted folk have an inspiring way of seeing the world. Perhaps it is because they understand how to live with vulnerability, it is what they see and touch. A treasure they behold! To believe they are worthy of deep love and connection. Living with a vulnerability that isn’t controlling or predicting. What would happen if you began to move through the world as a ‘wholehearted’? What gems would you behold? 1 :: Courage To tell the story of whom you are with a wholeheart; having and owning the courage to be imperfect. 2 :: Compassion To be kind to the self above all and upon first account; thus allowing this treasure to be extended to others. 3 :: Connection As a result of authenticity; not being whom you think you ought to be. 4 :: Vulnerability Knowing that what makes you vulnerable is in-fact what makes you beautiful. Knowing that it is necessary to invest within things that may or may not work out. An essential part of the wholeheartedness toolkit is infact vulnerability. Vulnerability is …


THE FORMULA FOR SIMPLE LIVING Live beneath your means Return everything you borrow Stop blaming other people Admit it when you make a mistake Give clothes not worn to charity Do something nice and try not to get caught Listen more, talk less Every day take a 30 min walk Strive for excellence, not perfection Be on time, don’t make excuses Don’t argue, get organised Be kind to unkind people Let someone cut ahead of you in line Take time to be alone Cultivate good manners Be humble Realise and accept that life is not fair Know when to keep your mouth shut Go an entire day without criticising anyone Learn from the past, plan for the future Live in the present Don’t sweat the small stuff Its all small stuff. ~Source : Unknown~