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A womans relationship with the moon

“Woman is the moon. It wanes and waxes. Everything grows because of the moon. Everything ripens because of the sun. And everything is conceived because of the combination of the harmony and those two polarities of male and female, sun and moon.” – Yogi Bhajan LEARNING WAYS WE CAN LINE UP WITH THE INTERNAL RHYTHMS OF LUNAR POWERS Understanding your moon centres and mapping them can help make sense of a woman’s changing emotions. Through careful observation.  Take a calendar and mark down where you think you might be and observe any changes.  Over time, you’ll understand more about yourself and your nature and be able to navigate your changes with more ease.   THE MOON POINTS The moon is the ’emotional flow of energy, hormones and imagination”. The energy of the moon is interactive within the micro and macro cosmos, our body and universe. We recognise how lunar cycles interact with Mother Earth, ocean tides, plant and hair growth, animal rhythms, and a womans hormonal cycle. Lunar energies also influence our emotional equilibrium. Moon …

Powers of intention

WRITE IT DOWN It may not be a tender new year on this very moment; yet reflect upon listening to your inner self. I have been doing this one every New Year’s Eve for the last several years: My family of beautiful souls write down each of their many colourful and varied delicate goals for the New Year. These are sealed away in an envelope and compassionately opened up the eve of the following year for deep scrutiny and humour. A whole year on it is a tender reminder of how much you can achieve in just one year. By using the the power of intention, not written in the format of “I’d like to…” or “I want to…” it will dilute the power of your intention. Write and flow out the “I will…” or “I’m going to…” or even just the goal itself. “Run a 5-minute mile.” “Practice yoga twice a week.” “Write my novel.” The power of a goal isn’t just reaching it, it is in recognising that you can hear what you want in your …

List Luvin

Back to the whimsical mindful worship of listing, Mediate upon your own colour of unique. Banish the ego, go with truth, listen and observe the inner you and values. Who is your heroine/hero that has made you who you are today that is non-famous? Who is your heroine/hero that has made you who you are today that is famous? How do you feel about life, love, the universe and everything (crazy long I know)? If you had no obstacles in front of you what would you do and why? What is the #1 thing on your bucket list? If you could go up and do something nice for a random stranger what would it be? How do you think people see you? What do you think people would say about you if asked? How do you perceive yourself? What are your 3 favorite things about yourself (can be physical or non-physical)?

Soulful Survival Listing

The beauty of the list is to tease out the most delicious muses of our tick tock. Delve a little deeper into your soul and seek out a pinterest search of ‘list’ and get your inspiration mojo flow on! Here are our top ten survival lists recommendations that we live, love and breathe self love life into our soul journals. Reading List 30 day HITT challenge List 2 things to do every weekend Adventures – the blessed bucket list Fun things to do alone Things to do together that use 2 feet Random Acts of Kindness Boredom List 5 minute self gratitude list 100 ‘what is’ Gratitude – This is forever evolving – The Holly grail of lists, if not your ever evolving soul sister bible! Tie up the laces, take a hearty heated walk to the shop, buy yourself that beautiful soul journal and get hell busy with the scribble.