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Reverence to the Positive Mind

‘I command myself and my impulse to spontaneously support my soul.’ This is why it is said Bhakti leads to Shakti—devotion leads to power. The metaphor implies that as you love the Infinite, the Infinite protects and directs you. You learn what you need to recognize your destiny, assess the distance to it, and perform the discipline to move toward it. It represents the use and refinement of the Positive Mind.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

Simple Agility

Georgina, is the founder of A fat lot of good. She lives with her three children. Each week, she writes about the sense—and nonsense—of life. I want to make a new groove, a time where we can identify with putting tweaks in the day to be a little more mindfully present, to Translate some good intent and action. [It’s] tiny tweaks: the tiny tweak of “I love this person—but every time they come home from work I hardly get up from my computer to even say hello to them,” ~ Susan David ~ Smart folk recognize the need to take a step back — to put the shiny new toy down for a minute to identify with the important values within the day. Emotional agility lets say, based on well established gratitude. Can we capture a moment in exchange for something truly meaningful? It is no conspiracy, we can consciously iron out a few personal imperfections here and there and find some unprecedented positive experiences and happiness with it. How do we engage, in practical ways, …