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Anger | The heart is a furnace

“When the inverted anger becomes part of the body, the simple effect is that you have absolutely no relationship with your Self… Inferiority complex or superiority complex are a cover-up of inner anger. Manipulation and lying are parts of inner anger. Not being self-sustaining or having a foundation to work it out is an inner anger. Misbehavior, wrong calculation, self-destruction, destroying the business, destroying the relationship are all inner anger… On the other hand, anger comes from the place of the Agaan Granthi. It is the area of the heart, it is the blood, it is the circulation, it is the diaphragm, it is the heart pumping. The whole life depends on it. So in the center of the heart is a furnace. Either it can cook for you or it can burn down your house and there is nothing in between. That is the tragedy of it.” -Yogi Bhajan

Atmosphere | The oils of beautiful aroma

To create a light euphoric atmosphere sprinkle Clary sage around a room, or put a few drops into a bowl of warm water. Having lived and worked with essential oils for several years I tend to take them for granted, yet visitors always comment on the beautiful aromas and I could not imagine life without this essence. I would rather live with the scent of freshly picked flowers and herbs than with the array of household pollutants we buy to freshen our spaces. Essential oils should be chosen according to the ‘mood’ of the party or the occasion. Bergamont, orange and rosewood for summers evenings Frankincense, pine and orange for Christmas Ylang Ylang and rose for romance Orange and Lemon for energy and vibrance Geranium and Lavender for relaxation and decadence Rose or rosewood for feminine spaces The choice and permutations are only subject to personal preference and budget – experiment!

Frankincense | The Oil of Truth

In kundalini we greet each other with the phrase Sat Nam. This mantra is loosely translated to I am Truth or Truth is My name. It is a reminder that everything is within us, that our value is infinite, that we are divine. Frankincense is a perfect oil for kundalini as it supports us in living our truth and letting go of lower vibration thoughts. It helps us to connect with divine love and enhances meditation. It helps to reveal our truth and supports us in connecting with our Self. In the morning before a yoga practice, to apply a few drops into a diffuser , inhale and the aroma will enhance experience and atmosphere.

Through the eye of the wholehearted

Wholehearted folk have an inspiring way of seeing the world. Perhaps it is because they understand how to live with vulnerability, it is what they see and touch. A treasure they behold! To believe they are worthy of deep love and connection. Living with a vulnerability that isn’t controlling or predicting. What would happen if you began to move through the world as a ‘wholehearted’? What gems would you behold? 1 :: Courage To tell the story of whom you are with a wholeheart; having and owning the courage to be imperfect. 2 :: Compassion To be kind to the self above all and upon first account; thus allowing this treasure to be extended to others. 3 :: Connection As a result of authenticity; not being whom you think you ought to be. 4 :: Vulnerability Knowing that what makes you vulnerable is in-fact what makes you beautiful. Knowing that it is necessary to invest within things that may or may not work out. An essential part of the wholeheartedness toolkit is infact vulnerability. Vulnerability is …

Reverence to the Positive Mind

‘I command myself and my impulse to spontaneously support my soul.’ This is why it is said Bhakti leads to Shakti—devotion leads to power. The metaphor implies that as you love the Infinite, the Infinite protects and directs you. You learn what you need to recognize your destiny, assess the distance to it, and perform the discipline to move toward it. It represents the use and refinement of the Positive Mind.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

A lovers guide to being BOLD

bold bəʊld/ adjective 1. (of a person, action, or idea) showing a willingness to take risks; confident and courageous. “a bold attempt to solve the crisis” synonyms: daring, intrepid, courageous, brave, valiant, fearless, unafraid, undaunted, dauntless, valorous; More 2. (of a colour, design, or shape) having a strong, vivid, or clear appearance. “a coat with bold polka dots” synonyms: striking, vivid, bright, strong, eye-catching, conspicuous, distinct, pronounced, prominent, obvious, outstanding, well marked, showy, flashy, gaudy, lurid, garish “a bold pattern of yellow and black” The average woman wears many hats and being bold is one of the many decisions we juggle through our seasons. When is it correct to be bold? To find and identify with boundaries; to abide by them and to honour the ‘you’ is one mighty bold task. Women whom dominate their being, a woman who fits in her skin, a woman who knows how to celebrate and talk her strength, one whom can influence and make a difference in the world with the elegance of grace, of true self identity and …

Joining the Dots

Georgina, is the founder of A fat lot of good. She lives with her three children. Each week, she writes about the sense—and nonsense—of life. In a time where we are looking for tailored courses to take a wellbeing dream from idea to exit, all that glitters is not gold. Getting the right education, the right support and joining a community of like-minded people will make all the difference in your first years of launching into the wellbeing culture whether at work or as an individual. Doing this helps you to avoid the common mistakes by learning healthy strategies that actually work. Trying to work it all out yourself through trial and error can often lead to a waste of time, energy and lead to the shaky path of apathy. Is it right for me? The chances are you have a great idea of what you like and now you’re ready to identify and source those practical steps that turn wellbeing into a reality. What is it that makes such a huge difference to your …

A recognition that bleeds into everything

Via Daily prompt : Recognize Georgina, is the founder of A fat lot of good. She lives with her three children. Each week, she writes about the sense—and nonsense—of life. Dear Strength – Recognize that today you will learn more about yourself, you will grow when in pain, you will change your perspective and you will get up and put on the cloak of fight. You will respect yourself, your boundaries and you will take heed to instinct as the universal nod to what is wrong and right. Don’t you dare ignore its energetic might. Be grateful, graceful and honourable to your four walls, speak with simple honesty and humility yet do put up a persistent personal fight. Leave when the time and signals are right. Endure, succeed and have tenacity to give it all your love and might. In the face of adversity rein in on the foundations of endurance not forgetting you can not change another’s voice when in height of fight. Be in awe of your courage to speak what you find uncomfortable …


Georgina, is the founder of A fat lot of good. She lives with her three children. Each week, she writes about the sense—and nonsense—of life. ‘Never hate the wrong man. Thank him, because if it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have realized it was time for a change. He highlighted what we needed to fix inside ourselves. Because of him, we realized that we are only responsible for our own issues and happiness. Through him, we learned that it’s okay to be a little selfish. We must thank the wrong man, because thanks to him we will be ready to meet the right one.’ -Elyane Youssef. Sometimes it just happens naturally, other times it is forced yet I have spent the last month if not years decluttering; moving from one space to another both emotionally and physically. Secretly I weep for my boys growing up as men in a world that is rapidly loosing its embodied male identity. I feel a fiery role within to gift and create a profound experience to these three young men to create depth, …

Let the pain run through you {4}

Georgina, is the founder of A fat lot of good. She lives with her three children. Each week, she writes about the sense—and nonsense—of life. Be inspired by every new moon. Beauty is in the ordinary, in today, in your freedom, in your passions, in your friendships and in your self love. Feel just a little bit happy that it is at your fingertips. Pour and put behind you, dizzy memories that make you cry, be done; they are freckles, winged friends. Feel motivated that you have your eyes on today, it is a high freedom of a dizzy state of potential and excitement, of health. No need for complicated, I have spent the past week with my reading musings. Relaxation, exploration and embracing of forgiveness. Mindfulness, simplification, putting my eyes only to what makes me fly and just that little bit happy. Healing memories of old, decluttering to dizzy freedom. Who says its hard, who says you are quite not enough, it is only as you see it and hear it, the unhappy noise and …