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Lavender | The oil of tension relief

Lavender can assist in letting go of pent up tension, it has a beneficial influence upon the respiratory tract, aiding deep breathing. It has a supreme sedative effect making it a nervous system relaxant, whilst its soothing qualities make an excellent choice for calming the mind and body before sleep. It is however often misused. The key is to ensure you keep the amount used to a small minimum, this method is called subtle aromatherapy and it can have a greater effect upon the mind and emotions. Lavender can actually be quite stimulating when used in greater amounts and especially before sleep when our senses don’t need over stimulating. therefore splashing drops on a pillow is not as well served as a drop onto a handkerchief placed underneath the pillow.

Cedarwood | The Oil of Community

Cedarwood brings people together. It inspires feelings of belonging and helps us to become aware of the support networks that are already a part of our life. This woodsy oil can be applied to the arms, legs and feet with a few drops of carrier oil (see above). It’s also perfect for diffusing, or simply rubbing a drop between the palms and inhaling.

Frankincense | The Oil of Truth

In kundalini we greet each other with the phrase Sat Nam. This mantra is loosely translated to I am Truth or Truth is My name. It is a reminder that everything is within us, that our value is infinite, that we are divine. Frankincense is a perfect oil for kundalini as it supports us in living our truth and letting go of lower vibration thoughts. It helps us to connect with divine love and enhances meditation. It helps to reveal our truth and supports us in connecting with our Self. In the morning before a yoga practice, to apply a few drops into a diffuser , inhale and the aroma will enhance experience and atmosphere.

Clary Sage | The Oil of Clarity & Vision

Through the practice of yoga we move our bodies, vibrate mantra, open our voices and meditate so as to create a more easeful flow of kundalini energy through the spine. The practice helps us to remove blocks and stagnation, which is where Clary Sage can be a great support. This oil assists with spiritual clarity, intuition and opening creative channels. It can be used to assist in connecting with the spiritual world and to visualise new possibilities. Clary Sage can be applied to the brow point, behind the ears or diffused. The favourite ways to use this oil is in the bath with Himalayan or epsom salts. Experimenting with the many oils available is a wonderful way to deepen our practice and become the alchemist of our personal experience. Exploring new and different ways to connect with our physical, emotional and energetic bodies can be fun and enjoyable. Thank you to Dharma Temple for this resource.

Geranium | The Oil of Love & Trust

For those focusing a practice of opening the heart centre through a kriya (set of prescribed exercises). Geranium is a gentle oil that can be applied over the heart with a few drops of carrier oil (almond, fractionated coconut, jojoba, among others). It is nurturing and instills feelings of unconditional love. Geranium is helpful in healing emotional wounds and the heart. Equally to diffuse the oil will immediately soften a space and invite feelings of love, warmth and coziness.    

Serenity Mantra

Om Asatoma Definition – What does Om Asatoma mean? Om asatoma – sometimes referred to as Om asatoma sadgamaya – is a peace mantra often used after yoga class or meditation. It comes from the Sanskrit, om, which is the primordial sound of the universe; asato, which means “unreality”; and ma, meaning “not” or “me.” Peace mantras, or shanti mantras, are recited for their ability to create a serene environment; in particular, to calm the mind and create inner peace. Often, the sound vibrations created by chanting the syllables are more important to creating this peace than any meaning ascribed to the words. Yogapedia explains Om Asatoma The full Om Asatoma mantra is: Om asatoma sadgamaya. Tamasoma jyotirgamaya. Mrityorma amritamgamaya. Om shanti, shanti, shanti. Translations vary :: “Om, lead me from the unreal to the real. Lead me from darkness to the light. Lead me from death to eternal life. Om, peace, peace, peace.” The Om Asatoma dates back to ancient times, having been mentioned in the Hindu text, “Brihadaranyaka Upanishad.” It is also known …

The elixir of abundant restful sleep

Sleep is the nursemaid to humanity   During sleep, our body repairs and rejuvenates itself. A lack of restful sleep disrupts the body’s innate balance, weakens our immune system, and speeds up the aging process. Human beings generally need between six and eight hours of restful sleep each night. Restful sleep means that you’re not using pharmaceuticals or alcohol to get to sleep but that you’re drifting off easily once you turn off the light and are sleeping soundly through the night. If you feel energetic and vibrant when you wake up, you had a night of restful sleep. If you feel tired and unenthusiastic, you haven’t had restful sleep. Restful sleep is the foundation for your mental and physical well-being. After a day of stimulating activity, your body needs deep sleep when your mind and body can rest and reset. When you’re well rested you’re more alert, able to process new information more efficiently, and you make better decisions. On the other hand, when you’re sleep deprived, you’re more likely to make mistakes and …

Blissed in Savasana

≈ Savasana – Restorative corpse pose To have an equal balance between body, heart and mind is to live in bliss. The discovery of true relaxation is often found through Savasana; one of the yogis greatest ‘blissed in’ journeys. To overcome the minds resistance to mule, it really is about one thing alone, the awareness of letting go and being open to witness. Clearing away distractions and getting to work with having a time and place for your appointment with peace. Knowing your personal motivation for Savasana practice is important to overcoming your resistance, the secret temple for body and mind rest. Where resistance blocks the very pure and powerful relaxation you wish to come from within you. A tension created by yourself alone; deep feelings of anxiety causing blocks for delivery. If you are feeling tense with mind mule, its time to relax, relax, relax. Allow your body to relax your mind; making it as fluid as water. Harness your energy to the one state. Giving kind words, giving smile, giving appreciation and love to this …