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Frankincense | The Oil of Truth

In kundalini we greet each other with the phrase Sat Nam. This mantra is loosely translated to I am Truth or Truth is My name. It is a reminder that everything is within us, that our value is infinite, that we are divine. Frankincense is a perfect oil for kundalini as it supports us in living our truth and letting go of lower vibration thoughts. It helps us to connect with divine love and enhances meditation. It helps to reveal our truth and supports us in connecting with our Self. In the morning before a yoga practice, to apply a few drops into a diffuser , inhale and the aroma will enhance experience and atmosphere.

Clary Sage | The Oil of Clarity & Vision

Through the practice of yoga we move our bodies, vibrate mantra, open our voices and meditate so as to create a more easeful flow of kundalini energy through the spine. The practice helps us to remove blocks and stagnation, which is where Clary Sage can be a great support. This oil assists with spiritual clarity, intuition and opening creative channels. It can be used to assist in connecting with the spiritual world and to visualise new possibilities. Clary Sage can be applied to the brow point, behind the ears or diffused. The favourite ways to use this oil is in the bath with Himalayan or epsom salts. Experimenting with the many oils available is a wonderful way to deepen our practice and become the alchemist of our personal experience. Exploring new and different ways to connect with our physical, emotional and energetic bodies can be fun and enjoyable. Thank you to Dharma Temple for this resource.

A womans relationship with the moon

“Woman is the moon. It wanes and waxes. Everything grows because of the moon. Everything ripens because of the sun. And everything is conceived because of the combination of the harmony and those two polarities of male and female, sun and moon.” – Yogi Bhajan LEARNING WAYS WE CAN LINE UP WITH THE INTERNAL RHYTHMS OF LUNAR POWERS Understanding your moon centres and mapping them can help make sense of a woman’s changing emotions. Through careful observation.  Take a calendar and mark down where you think you might be and observe any changes.  Over time, you’ll understand more about yourself and your nature and be able to navigate your changes with more ease.   THE MOON POINTS The moon is the ’emotional flow of energy, hormones and imagination”. The energy of the moon is interactive within the micro and macro cosmos, our body and universe. We recognise how lunar cycles interact with Mother Earth, ocean tides, plant and hair growth, animal rhythms, and a womans hormonal cycle. Lunar energies also influence our emotional equilibrium. Moon …

Using Movement To Heal Worry

Use your freedom of movement to feel something different. Meditate upon ‘Just for today I will not worry’. Worry causes stress and anxiety and impedes energy and bodily regeneration. When worrying you are focusing on the future, with excessive worry leading to impedance of inner wisdom, confusion and stagnentation. You are here for a purpose, you are here to make an impact, honour yourself by following your hopes, happiness and fulfilment for just today. You have countless things to be grateful for, hold the intention of gratitude to be kind to yourself and every living thing. What you vibrate out you will receive back. Negative intentions have negative effects, focus upon kindness and positiveness; with kindness will flow a mirroring positivity into your day. “Asanas of Yoga can ease and alleviate anxiety with at best the easy pose being the most meditative and relaxing”   Anxiety can lead to shallow breathing, rapid breath and thus anxiety elevation. Be gentle with yourself, sit in a quiet warming place, sitting cross legged, kneeled or in a chair. …