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February Reflection | Bringing heartiness into your life

Recognisable into our current westernised practices is that heartiness now has a 360 holistic and complimentary narrative. Taking its roots deep and branches herin from the so many avenues of the easily digestible east before us. At this time I take my foot hold introduction into the medicinal complimentary worlds of methods of Kundalini yoga and aromatherapy as a therapist having practiced, taught and studied human anatomy and physiology as a profession for so many years. Those therapies which have gifted comparatively soothing and healing affects upon physical and psychological triggers within my own space. It is my beautiful pharmacy, my home, the seeds of my garden and my narrative. The western book of life acknowledges a pressure container and upwards movement to encourage routine exercise and the culture of advocating and assimilating that we are never quite enough. From this principle disease and illness of the mind arise due to a feeling of deficiency and imbalance in our modern day pathway. What this represents is pressure, not health. The earliest written records and scripts …

Neroli | The oil of serenity

This oil can be used in the treatment of grief, shock or trauma, yet life can provide many stresses that aren’t necessarily as large yet mini traumas can be created as we have concerns or minor upsets. Sometimes these stresses remain underneath the surface only to rear their head once we lay down and close our eyes in sleep. Neroli has the most divine and uplifting scent, turning pessimism and agitation to serenity, this is a great oil to scent the bedroom and preparing a calming atmosphere. Put a few drops of Neroli and sweet orange oil, which is an equally soothing oil and from the same plant family (Neroli from the blossom of the orange tree, sweet orange extracted from the find of the fruit) into an oil burner or diffuser half an hour before bed.

Keep the Prana Flowing

Spring is the season when upper respiratory imbalances such as allergies, asthma, and sinus congestion arrive on the scene and interfere with our free flowing breath. Yoga offers an amazing tool to combat these woes with the delicate breath balance of prana and apana. Practices are many, each with its own indications and benefits with spring a great season form warming and invigorating practices. This can be understood through Ayurveda’s law of opposites. In nature, opposites bring balance. Hot sun melts cold snow.  Wet rain puts out dry fires.  Ayurveda explains that the body is a mere reflection of nature. The same law of opposites applies to each of us. A hot tea will warm a cold body. An unctuous oil will hydrate a dry body. What does this mean for spring? When the body is under the season’s influence of cold, wet and gloomy weather, it needs the qualities of warm, dry, and invigorating to bring balance. In Ayurvedic terms, this is the process of balancing the bodily elements of kapha dosha. Pranayama does wonders by …