By enrolling in a programme, you agree to the following:

All materials and information provided by ‘A Fat Lot of Good’ and Georgina Land are for educational purposes only. A Fat Lot of Good and the materials in it are not meant to replace therapy treatments or any other kind of mental/physical health or professional treatments. A Fat Lot of Good and its materials are designed to uplift and inspire students through education and the sharing of information. All ideas and practices introduced in A Fat Lot of Good are suggestions, and students should do only what feels best to them. Additionally, comments and discussion in student forums do not represent the ideas or views of A Fat Lot of Good or Georgina Land.

Please take care of your body and only do what feels right for you. This circle and our practices are not meant to replace therapy or anything you already do for your well being. Truly this space is here to uplift and inspire you. Take care of yourself and seek professional support if you need it. Always listen to your body. Please consult your doctor before undertaking any of the exercises that are contained within this program. A Fat Lot of Good is not responsible for any injury or illness that may occur from the use of this program.

I accept these terms and conditions as stated above:
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