Join the circle of placing holistic wellness into your focus

As a concious individual, where can you find the wisdom, the people, the safety, support and inspiration needed to bridge the gap and give a sense of belonging, solutions and wellbeing ?

I love holding space for others to transform their lives – and that will always be my first priority.


Wellbeing is a practice

It is as much about how the process changes you as it is about what you’re building. It will challenge and provoke you and, it holds the potential to serve as a pathway to possibility.

Welcome to the pharmacy

If you’ve been looking, you already know it is brutally hard to bring all the health and wellbeing noise into your orbit and have them each committed to your growth. Have you spent years peeling this together, identifying the critical trends, people and learning how to practice and figure out who is fit enough to trust on personality, ethos, capability and how to create the perfect package?

With the launch of Blissipline Guru a well-being pharmacy was assembled to create for others what I have been teaching and have done for myself for many practice years. Leadership in health, fitness, nutrition and holistic wellbeing expertise.

As a complementary therapist and fitness expert I am deeply involved and committed to supporting and providing direct guidance for longer than a ‘fixed term program’ to preserve the impact and connection of bringing people into a sustainable wellbeing and health support for months and years beyond.

Take a moment to know your life values ~ Slow down, breathe a little more, reflect upon calming the mind and increasing feelings of wellbeing. Burrow back into an emotional connection with the body.